Men and Penis Pics

lucy dick pic 

I do not give out my personal information before I meet a man for many reasons.  One of the oddest reasons is the “Penis Pic”.  

My girlfriends will be communicating with a man they have met through a dating website.  He seems nice, polite, engaged, and funny.  They are texting back and forth and all seems to be going well – then, BAM!  Unsolicited penis pic of someone they have never met. 

Never, and I mean never, have any of these women said anything but “gross!”  They shut down all communication and wonder; “What just happened?” 

What did happen?  Why do men do this?


I cannot get the weird selfie of Geraldo Rivera out of my head.  His explanation; “I was drunk and lonely.”  He is married and his wife’s response was; “This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when I fall asleep first…Thank god we have towels in the bathroom. But I’m proud my husband looks so hot!” 

‘Gotta love her, she has a great sense of humor. 

It is inconceivable to me that they could possibly think our response would be; “Oh, WOW, what an amazing penis!  I want me some of that.”   


Cute wiener on a bun!

The following was in an article by Evan Marc Katz and it made sense to me: 

“1) Men look for sex and find love. They’re leading with the sex part. Somewhere in their primitive reptilian brains, they think this is a good idea. Objectively, it’s not. I’ve never met a woman who was turned on as much as she was creeped out. 

2) Men assume falsely that because they would like to see a naked picture of YOU, that you MUST equally crave seeing a naked photo of them. This is probably the soundest psychological premise I could put forth to explain something so patently stupid. “I showed you mine, you show me yours!” or some such nonsense.”

Another thing I read by a woman is that we see the penis differently than men.  We see it from a utilitarian point-of-view, more interested in what it can do than what it looks like.  We don’t see them as pretty and want to look at a whole bunch of pictures of penis’.  

I have to say the difference between the sexes can be pretty funny.  Click on “Funny Video” for a good laugh!  It’s what men actually think will happen when they send you their amazing Penis Pic.


3 thoughts on “Men and Penis Pics

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NO friggin’ kidding! What are they thinking!? There is NOTHING beautiful about a PENIS!! Like you said, they are incredibly utilitarian but they are NOT beautiful. They look like torpedoes. Speaking of torpedoes, the guy across the street from my new house is obsessed with keeping his 13 foot bushes in front of his house the perfect shape of torpedoes and is on a ladder several times weekly with his power trimmer being sure they do. Made me wonder about his torpedo.

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  2. To me there’s something aggressive and even potentially threatening about sending unsolicited “penis pics.” I feel sure it has more to do with his own feelings/thoughts/wants than anything to do with turning on or otherwise “pleasing” a woman. The SURPRISE factor is the worst. Interestin’ post!

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