My Art


I make family portraits.  This is of a family with all their pets.  They had this amazing piece of yard art that was all rusted and brown in their back yard.  I first refurbished it with a new coat of paint.  Then, I took random pictures of each family member in various poses.  I painted the canvas, cut the pictures, and used fused glass for the grass.  They loved it and everyone who sees it adores it! 

I love the art I create!  I guess I am what you would call a true “multi-media” artist.  I have learned and mastered many art forms.

I really enjoy melting glass with a torch – called torch work.  I also like to melt glass in a kiln – called glass fusion, because you fuse different colors together.  Unlike torch work, fusion is usually flat.  I guess that is why I like torch work better.


Making jewelry is really fun.  I do not follow any of the rules.  In fact, I like puzzles.  So, I try to make my jewelry like tiny, beautiful puzzles.  I do not like to fuse my jewelry.  I prefer what is termed “cold connect”.  I use rivets, wire, and metal rings to connect everything.  I have made every “Juried” art show I have participated in with my jewelry submissions.  I am proud of that.  Check out my Etsy store; GemStorm.


Paper crafting has become a secret passion.  It is such a strange and forgiving art.  I create cards, boxes and other miscellaneous items.  I have a graphics program on my computer that hooks up to my die-cutting machine and it is a blast to work with.  I create the card and box kits and sell them on Etsy to people who own die cutting machines too.  It’s a limited audience but, great reward.  I do sell the actual cards and boxes at my day spa. Check out this store also; 1MakingFaces.


I make wall art too.  Beaded hearts, moons, and anything my imagination will allow. 

Blue Elephant

My paintings are acrylic.  I love acrylic (over oil) because I can put my fingers in it.  When I put acrylic paint on a canvas I add glass or other textures to make it multi-dimensional and more interesting to the eye.


I did mosaic work on my kitchen cabinets.  When someone comes into my home they are a bit overwhelmed by it all.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a minimalist and do not care for knick-knacks.  It’s just a lot to take in.

My art is really from my heart.  It has always come from something that has happened or that I want to happen.  If something bad is bothering me, I can usually put it in a piece of art and free my mind from it all.  That is the greatest gift of art; to ease pain and to show joy and love.

Everything is art.  At least, it is to me. 

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