plato hour of play

Where do I begin? 

When he initially contacted me through Match, I told him he was too young.  He is 50.  He let me know that 50 was not too young and that I should meet him.  I did.

Saturday.  Tall, attractive, and a beautiful smile – what’s not to like?  Visually, he was the dream date.

Mark started talking……fast!  It was at a non-stop, break-neck speed for 3 solid hours.  He had 2 beers and at one point started to cry at the memory of a deceased family member.  Don’t get me wrong; I feel bad for anyone who loses someone they love.  But, bring it on a first meeting?

Okay, so, with tears in his eyes I excuse myself to the lady’s room to get away for a few moments.  I am exhausted!  I am exhausted from the speed.  I am exhausted from his story.  I am exhausted from the never-ending nodding and smiling I am forced to emit.  I am exhausted by this huge waste of my time.

As I am collecting myself in the Lady’s room, I realize this guy has got to be on drugs.  This is not normal behavior and I have got to escape.

When I get back to the table he has calmed down a bit.  I think he realized he just lost control.  He then asks about me and lets me know that he wants to get to know me – 3 hours later!?!?  I tell him it is time for me to go.  So aggressive.  He asks for my phone and puts his information in my contacts then sends himself a text with my phone number – gack!

I get home to no less than five texts and long ones.  He called his mother, told his daughter about me, and was letting the entire world know that he has found the woman of his dreams.  He doesn’t know anything about me.

Sunday.  Surprisingly, he only texts me 2 times.  He calls but I let it go to voicemail.  He texts me late that evening but I do not respond.

Monday.  Texting – I politely let him know he is wonderful but that I am just not feeling it.  His response is to invite me to a party and tell me he wants to remain friends.

I will not respond.  I have found that if there is any further communication from me, it sends the wrong message.

Still Searching……….


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