Dating Thoughts – Today, 6/23/2015

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The men in my life who I am attracted to and feel we have things in common, have no interest in me what-so-ever other than being nothing more than an acquaintance.  They do not invite me to anything or include me in any way.  I am invisible to them.

I think they enjoy my company when we are together.  But, as soon as we are apart, they completely forget about me and make no effort to reconnect.

I think I have a great sense of humor and I am self-confident enough to say what I feel.  I have been told that I am attractive.

It could be my flirting skills.  I am really bad at that, I just don’t know how.  If I make the first move, men seem to perceive it as being too forward.  Just the simplest invitation seems to mean I want to bed them.  I just don’t ask men out anymore – never ends well.

Confident men are a real turn on for me.  It is better to let them be the aggressor and ask me out.

Personally, I feel I have a lot to offer.  I drink rarely and in moderation, I take care of myself, financially stable, no children so no ex’s hanging around, no drugs, and no drama.  I have a deep respect for other’s feelings and boundaries.

My Match adventures have been amusing and diverse.  I enjoy relaying my journey as honestly as possible.  I find it amazing and mystifying that I cannot seem to get past the blaring non-negotiable’s in a first meeting. 

I have recently signed up for POF (Plenty of Fish), another very popular dating site.  Two dating sites!?!?

In the meantime; I live a very large, passionate life by doing the things I love and enjoy.


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