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Okay, first off – Do NOT use “” to check out competitive pricing!  They  sell your information to every insurance company in the world.  I was getting 6-8 calls per day.  I had to block  so many numbers.  Crazy!

I ended up with my current company; The Hartford.  I noticed that I would get an immediate discount of 5% and a possible discount up to 25% if I signed up for “TruLane”.   

You plug one of these gizmos into your car and they start tracking you.  Initially; “Why would I let them know every move I make?  Never!”  On Star does the same thing and all of the newer cars have it free for a few months.  25% off is very enticing and they pinky-swear they are not selling my information.  So far, so good on the privacy issue.


It is small and very easy to install.  You forget it is even there.  

I think I am a safe driver so part of me wanted to try this just to see – curiosity!  I check the website daily to see how I am doing.  I am doing great!


This is the Dashboard.  It shows possible infractions.  “Aggressive Driving” has been a difficult one to work around, for me.   I get most of my marks in this area going from 1-12 mph.  I figured that you have to keep your RPMs to a maximum of “2”.  (Which means 2000 rpms.)  It is hard to accelerate that slowly but, I am getting the hang of it.  

The “Hard Breaking” was difficult at first too.  That was easy to figure out, just come to a stop slowly.  Start breaking earlier and try not to come to a full stop.  Kind of roll at the end.  Works great.


This shot shows the “Trips”.  It is so cool.  Every  trip you make, the time and if there are any infractions is all right here.  Where maps are shown, you can zoom in to pinpoint exactly where you were showing the entire route of your trip.  The information will let you know the speed and time too.


This screen shows your “Events”.  By zooming in on the map, it will tell you exactly where you were, what time, and speed the infraction occurred.   I was doing the same thing at the same stop every time.  Now, I take my time at this intersection.  I still have to work on my acceleration – 

Technology can be amazing! Here is a few other good things about using this.  If my car gets stolen, I can easily find it.  And (this is a girl-thing) if I get car-jacked, they can find me.  But, honestly, I have had no spam, calls, or unwanted texts so far.

Sorry the pics are so blurry! I used a screen shot and it just comes out bad.  I wonder if I was married if I would want this…..

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