Emotional Blackmail


Candee.  We worked in different parts of town so we would meet on Sunday’s and have a casual lunch, visit an art festival, or just enjoy a day from our busy schedules.  We would occasionally attend other functions together but Sundays were a given.  I certainly thought we were friends, not sure what it was exactly.

She would talk of a man she would date on and off.  She mentioned that she thought he was married and that she was sure he had been in jail for a period of time.  I am not judgmental toward her but, that is not my lifestyle.  It didn’t really matter because our other worlds never really collided.  Maybe that is why it worked for us; we only had expectations for a stress-free Sunday afternoon.

Looking back on it, I find it amusing.  It went on like that for approximately 5-6 years.  Weird.

Anyhow, Candee got a job opportunity in another city, packed up everything, and moved.  Bam, gone.  I talked to her often and missed her.  She was doing well.  I visited her once.  She was living in a basement apartment by the beach.  More of a college kid environment than a woman in her 50’s but, she was happy and that is what mattered.

She was coming back to Dallas to visit all her friends after being gone for about 10 months.  I invited her to stay with me while she was here.  I think she knew I would.

Then she asked this; “I don’t want to pay for a hotel but want to have sex with my boyfriend.  Do you mind if we do that at your house?”

I said; “Yes, I absolutely mind.  You told me he had been in jail.  I don’t even want him to know where I live.”

Candee; “If you don’t let him in your home, I don’t see how we can be friends.”

I said; “Okay” and never saw or spoke to her again.

Really?  I won’t be your friend unless you do what I say?  I hate emotional blackmail.  I am more careful now in choosing the women who I call friends and spend time with.  In fact, I am more careful about anyone who  tries to bully me.

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