I think I met a normal man yesterday.  He was kind and soft spoken, told me I was pretty, and asked for my number.  He has not crazy text’d me or called me at inappropriate hours.  I know, it was only yesterday but that is really good.  Right?

Travis is a retired fireman.  He has found a new passion in the past year – dancing!  Great exercise and socially active.  It has been many years but, I would love to go dancing.

I will go out with Travis if he asks me.  We may end up being good friends.  I can always use more friends.  In fact, I am looking for my best friend.

I don’t jump into the whole “Love” thing, time will tell on that.


5 thoughts on “Travis

    1. Ha, I had two of the same cartoon! The “Ignorance is Blintz” represents the fact that I don’t know him yet and he seems normal. My ignorance is Bliss. The first one is just funny to me.

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        1. It has been interesting. I am not sure Travis will even call me. It has been my experience that the ones I like are not interested in me. I am a hopeful and tenacious human being.

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