prairie cats

Super nice guy.  Down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and interested in me as well.  I would certainly go out with him if he asks.  He has a bum knee so he is not real active.  He said I motivated him and he may get back into the gym.  His passion is country music.  I just cannot get into most country music but, he says he likes jazz too.

Maybe the reason things are going a little better is because I have put a new boundary in place.  Since the MARK fiasco, I now set the alarm on my phone to go off when we are at an hour.  One hour, that is all they get on the initial “Meet & Greet”.  If they cannot hold it together for an hour, there is something wrong.

He even text’d me to tell me he had a great time. 

3 thoughts on “Rich

    1. Boundaries are awesome! This is funny – Rich text’d me this morning (Monday) at 6:57am for a date on Wednesday. Ugggggg, he should have just waited for an appropriate time and CALLED me. Why are they so ridiculous?!?!?!?!


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