Wonder Bra

alice in wonderbra

I may have invented the first Wonder Bra.

I and my middle sister became busty before my youngest sister.  My Ta-Ta’s were okay, my middle sister’s were bigger.  My youngest sister had none.  Boobs meant nothing to me; they just pretty much got in the way of my golf swing and hurt when I ran.  And, boys were so stupid about them – that was annoying to me.

It was summer (1970-ish) and my youngest sister was crying and so unhappy about the fact that she could not fill out her swimsuit.  It made me really sad.  I thought about it a lot and finally came up with a great solution.   No internet at the time. 

I had come across some “falsies” in a lingerie department and purchased them.  I brought them to her, cut them down to size so they would not show, and I sewed them into the bra of her bikini.

She had the best summer of her life!  I will never forget how happy she was – so self-confident and beautiful! 

She developed the biggest Ta-Ta’s ever after that summer.

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