Exclusionary People

Exclusionary People I have never understood it.  Is it a form a bullying?  A way to feel superior?  A personality disfunction?  Why do people do it?  Isn’t everything better with more people around?  Are some people just so simple-minded that more than one person around confuses them? As an adult you would think the immaturity … More Exclusionary People


My Birthday

Okay, I had yet another birthday recently.  I know, it’s better than the alternative. My birthday falls on the 1st of the month and no one ever remembered it, it had something to do with flipping the page on paper calendars.  Things are different now with e-calendars and Facebook. I was in my early 20’s … More My Birthday

So, This Happened

I had a long day at work, it was late, I had to go to the market to get food.  I pull into the parking lot of the grocery store.  I get an email from a client and decided to read it real quick before entering the store.  I am in my car, windows are … More So, This Happened