My Birthday


Okay, I had yet another birthday recently.  I know, it’s better than the alternative.

My birthday falls on the 1st of the month and no one ever remembered it, it had something to do with flipping the page on paper calendars.  Things are different now with e-calendars and Facebook.

I was in my early 20’s and at a family reunion that just happened to fall on my birthday.  I was actually excited that we were all together and for once in my life we were going to celebrate My Birthday.  The day came and I was with my two sisters, flowers were being delivered.  I got tears in my eyes; “I cannot believe you remembered.  They are so beautiful!  Thank you so much!”

My sisters just looked at me with their jaws dropped.  My nephew had sent flowers to his girlfriend.  They baked me a cake the next day and I was given a necklace that was intended for my niece.  It was weird and awkward, certainly not a celebration.

This phenomenon over the years has given me a different insight into the birthday thing.  I know in my heart that my  family were not trying to purposely exclude the celebration of my birth.  How could I possibly be angry with them?  I would not say that I became thick-skinned to it, just more realistic and less self-absorbed of “The Day”.  I figured it will be celebrated sometime soon and it usually was.

It also gave me a different view of gift giving.  I always try to have the perfect, thoughtful gift on someone’s birthday.  However, if I find it and your birthday is months away (before or after), that is when you get it.  It is so rare to find that “Perfect” gift.  Sometimes, it only happens once in a lifetime.  When it does, it is exciting and super fun!

Happy  Birthday to each and every one of you!

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