Bert, A Conversation

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There is a section on where you can see who has viewed you.  I was curious.  Recently, a very attractive man viewed my profile but did not reach out.  This is what I did.

Our Messaging Conversation:

Me:  “I noticed that you viewed me. Just to help me out, would you mind giving me advice on my profile. We seem to have a lot in common but you did not reach out. Why?”

Bert:  “First let me say I think that you are beautiful woman. We would be a very attractive couple. I love your energy. Playing golf is always a great thing that I also enjoy. I love your profile and I just thought you probably had too many responses to answer mine. I was also unsure about your faith. My faith defines Who I am and its very important to me and I want to share that with a woman. My name is Bert. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your note”

Bert:  “Like you I am also a very soft spoken person and I enjoy my self confidence.”

Me:  “Bert, I respect all faith and hope that everyone respects mine.  My parents were of different faiths and were married over 60 years and I have many friends that do not have that specific commonality.  Relationships are far more than what someone looks like or what religion they follow.  There are so many facets to having a great relationship; I find it limiting to judge how it will go with one aspect.

While I enjoy Top Golf, I have not played a round of golf in many years.  I do like any sports and try to participate in everything I have time for.

Thank God all human beings are not exactly alike!

How is your week going so far?


Bert:  “Would you like to talk Linda ?”

Me:  “Bert, I am always open to meeting someone in-person.  I like to talk face-to-face; it gives a clear vision of the person in front of me and cuts out a lot of nonsense.  Would you be open to meeting for coffee Sunday?”


I waited three days but never heard back from Bert.

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