Exclusionary People

waste feelings on uncaring person

Exclusionary People

I have never understood it.  Is it a form a bullying?  A way to feel superior?  A personality disfunction?  Why do people do it?  Isn’t everything better with more people around?  Are some people just so simple-minded that more than one person around confuses them?

As an adult you would think the immaturity of it all would stop.  That people care more about others feelings and well being.  Leaving a friend alone on the holidays or excluding someone from a social event is so hurtful.

Yes, you would say someone who does that is not your friend.  You are right.  It still hurts.

Always reach out, it is kind.  Include everyone, enjoy everyone, and share your friendship everywhere.

deep hurt

7 thoughts on “Exclusionary People

  1. You are so sweet. Just venting. People who profess to be my friend – but, only when they need something. I’m okay. Writing seems to make it all go away, it has been such a great release for me. I owe that to you, my friend!

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  2. Rejection is tough. Sometimes it is worse from a girlfriend. I cherish my girlfriends and don’t let many in my coveted little space. Being treated as an after-thought and only someone to do things with if no one else will go becomes very tiresome. I have been waiting for years for this person to value our friendship. It’s never going to happen and I am done. It is liberating. Saying “no” to nonsense that I don’t want to do feels really good for a change. I just don’t care anymore. YAY!!!

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  3. I cannot stand people that do this. It’s so petty, unnecessary and pathetic. I will admit to a brief history as a mean girl for a few months in 8th grade lol. But my Mom showed me how ridiculous it was and ever since I have been all about the more, the merrier. I never want anyone to ever feel excluded. Life is way too short for crap like that. Hugs xo

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    1. Thank you Emmagc75 – it’s nice to know that it’s not a figment of my imagination. It’s such grade school stuff that I find it hard to believe grown women do it. Absolutely – The More The Merrier! No one can ever have too many friends!

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      1. It does happen. Sometimes I think they just have no clue but some are just bitches. A woman I work with used to do it til I pointed it out and told her not to make me go meangirl on her lol. Everyone in the group laughed n she has NEVER done it since 🙂

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        1. There is a part of me that blames myself. What you allow will continue. I am not really mad at her, more angry with myself for allowing it in the first place then, for letting it continue. I am sure she is wondering why I am all of a sudden a bitch. I never confronted her. The only person I can change is me and that is what I did.


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