Terry and Greg

I had two meetings this weekend.  Terry was on Saturday and Greg was Sunday afternoon. Terry –  Nothing.  He knew there was no connection just as much as I did.  Nice guy but, NO. ************* Greg – Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!  And I never use that expression! This is the man who would not respond to … More Terry and Greg


AGE – Update 1

This is an update to; AGE.  I was very apprehensive about changing my age on Match.  I do not like deception.  However, I would like to meet someone and have a more fulfilled life. Well, let me tell you, I am now overwhelmed with men contacting me.  Their ages range from 26-75!  How would I … More AGE – Update 1


Okay, I did it.  I lied about my age.  Normally, I would not do such a thing.  I am 62 and quite proud of how I look at this age.  It takes a lot of work and maintenance.  I eat healthy, keep my weight down, workout like a crazy girl, and I am very adventurous. … More AGE


What a truly nice man; intelligent, attractive, and engaging.  I would certainly go out with him, if he asks.  I do not think he will.  We have very conflicting religious views.  While I have no problem with respecting others convictions, I have found that others do not feel the same. It  was a nice meeting.


I inadvertently included a picture with my last post that I did not proof before including.  Embarrassed is the only word I can use for this rookie mistake.  Please read the updated version,  OOPS!


Okay, so I’m at the gym this morning doing my cardio on an elliptical machine. I notice a woman two rows ahead of me on a treadmill.  She has no water.  She is wearing as close to a “burka” as would be acceptable in America.  It is the full, huge, wool scarf wrapped all around … More OOPS!


Okay, I am a normal woman.  I like to think I am well-balanced and level-headed.  There have been a few times in my life I have seen or met someone where I have a STRONG attraction.  Lust is the only word I can possibly use for this.  Hopefully, all human beings experience it, it is wonderful! I have joined … More LUST