Marry Me vs Murder Me


When I agree to meet someone from Match I have a good attitude about it.  I don’t look at this one meeting as my finding “The One”.  I am meeting another human being who has been through 50+ years on this planet with all the experiences to bring them where they are today.  Hopefully, they won’t feel the need to share their entire life story at this initial meeting – ha! 

I have a smile on my face, I look them in the eyes, and I actively engage in conversation.  I calm them down by letting them spend time telling me about themselves – men need to do this.  After they have spoken for an hour or two straight, they usually realize they need to hear from me.  I do not care what they look like or if they misrepresented themselves physically.  We all have something we are self conscience about and every human being deserves kindness and respect. 

I sometimes wonder what other dates are like.  Do they sit in silence?  Do they never laugh?  Do they spend the entire time physically and mentally critiquing each other?  

I laugh and enjoy the entire process no matter how crazy it gets.  When the meeting comes to an end, we usually exchange personal information and go from there. 

Ninety percent of the men want to marry me; the other ten would prefer to murder me after the initial meeting.  There are many of these men whom I would love to see again and get to know better.  However; when they realize they are in the “friend zone” with me, they then move to the “murder me” point-of-view and I usually never hear from them again. 

Note:  I need to be friends and trust someone who I will be intimate with.  Men don’t understand that and want to skip the whole friend thing. 

Ron was like that.  Super nice guy.  We had a great first meeting.  Great conversation and laughed a lot.  I was hoping we could be friends.  

I was working the day after our meeting and do not take personal calls when I am busy.  Ron started the morning off with two text messages.  This then progresses into several calls and leaving messages.  His business is slow and he is obsessing.  I use my phone for my businesses and it is annoying to me when someone I barely know feels they have a right to bombard my space with their nonsense. 

At the end of my day, I call him.  He is going on and on about himself, how “boring” his day was, and what an amazing time he had with me.  He has built an entire imaginary relationship with me after a 2-3 hour meeting.  I was too tired to mess with this mess.  When he would gush about me, I changed the subject.  I finally told him I had to go.  Yuck! 

Please understand, I do not lead these men on.  I do not physically touch them or talk suggestively.  I simply, respectfully engage with them on a human level hoping for the same in return. 

Now, I have to gently get away from this guy without a lot of drama……


6 thoughts on “Marry Me vs Murder Me

  1. I, too, hope you have better luck in the future. I admire you so much for being so patient and consistent in dating on Match to try to find someone. And you stay so true to yourself. I am grateful I met my husband on an old fashioned blind date before internet dating even existed and I am thankful for him every day.

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