David, A Messaging Conversation


David’s profile pic.  He says in his profile that he served in the Navy for a few years.  You would think he would be brave.  I initiated a messaging conversation with him, here is what happened.


Me:  “You came up in my daily matches. I really enjoy your active, adventurous spirit! Let me know if you would like to meet in person. Linda”

David:  “Tell me about your yourself Linda!”

Me:  “Hi David, Would you like to meet in person? I think we have some things in common and I would love to talk.”

David:  “Absolutely where do you live? I will love to get to know you a little before we meet though”

Me:  “I see you are in Frisco. Would you like to meet someplace up at the Shops of Legacy around 4ish? What would you like to know? I live near the Tollway and Parker, I am drug and disease free, I have never cheated on anyone I have been in a relationship with, and I am looking for a kind man who respects women.”

David:  “Yes and you’re way about 30-35 mins away from me… That’s a good sign and we could meet. How’s your past relationships like? I want to know much thing that wont make me feel like I wasted my time like I did lately”

Me:  “Mexican Sugar at 4? I will not waste your time. All this pen pal stuff is just silly. You get to know someone by looking in their eyes and hearing their voice inflection when you are sitting across from them. I was married two times. Once when I was 18 for 7 years. Again, in my 30’s for 16 years. I had one 3-year relationship (off and on) several years ago.”

Me (I did not hear back from him for several minutes):  “Spontaneity can be a wonderful thing….”

David:  “Yup Life isn’t fun anymore when people disrespect your intellect and personality. No disrespect though but I would love to get know much about you so as to initiate us into a sense of relationship even when we meet.”

Me:  “Sorry, I cannot be in or initiate a relationship with a picture on the internet. Good luck in your search.”


Men be CRAZY!


4 thoughts on “David, A Messaging Conversation

  1. English isn’t his first language. I think it was a scammer. They use other people’s pics. I have a degree in English and his use of language is usually Russian, Polish, Czechoslovakia, etc. U knew it was odd and u were right. Good instincts! Be well xo

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  2. Thanks Emmagc. I have had a lot of scammers on there, most of the time they just come right out and ask for your personal information or give you their phone number. His English kept getting more broken as we messaged too, I thought that was weird. Definately not a Navy man!


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