Okay, so I’m at the gym this morning doing my cardio on an elliptical machine.

I notice a woman two rows ahead of me on a treadmill.  She has no water.  She is wearing as close to a “burka” as would be acceptable in America.  It is the full, huge, wool scarf wrapped all around her head and neck.  She is also layered in clothing.  I can only see her outerwear and it is a long-sleeved, wool sweater on top and what looks like sweatpants on bottom.  It is the summer, AUGUST, in Dallas – over 100° for many days in a row.

Really?  Are you kidding me?  Are you insane?

She falls to the floor.  She is holding her ankle.  The man in front of me runs to help her.  I run to the desk to let them know.  Within a minute she is surrounded by staff, manager, and anyone else who can help. 

Her husband is called and is by her side for a few minutes.  She tries to walk, no go.  They bring her a chair, ice, and lots of consoling.  Husband leaves.   Manager tries to get her to walk again, no go.  After about 20 minutes, they bring a rolling chair to her and wheel her to the elevator.

I passed the manager’s office on my way out.  There was a huge meeting going on inside.  Part of me wants to knock on the door and say how crazy I think this whole thing is, but the staff is filled with young, strong bodies.  It is best they over-react in situations like this.

I wonder if she is going to sue.


5 thoughts on “OOPS!

    1. Me too! He was not wearing 20 extra pounds of clothing – t-shirt and shorts, just like a regular guy. He seemed more embarrassed by the whole thing and just wanted to get away. Maybe it’s a cultural thing that I don’t understand? If my husband left me in distress, he would be gone….


  1. Well thank goodness she was covered up because, the theory being, if a man were to see any part of a woman’s body he would lose complete control of himself and rape her. It is a theory as insulting to men as it is to women. Any religion that tells you what to eat or wear is particularly oppresive. I can’t imagine trying to work out in all that gear.

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