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Okay, I did it.  I lied about my age.  Normally, I would not do such a thing.  I am 62 and quite proud of how I look at this age.  It takes a lot of work and maintenance.  I eat healthy, keep my weight down, workout like a crazy girl, and I am very adventurous.

Since my last birthday, I have not gotten much interest on Match.  It’s sad but true.  Men put their cut-off age at 55 for women.  I  don’t even get a chance.

I put my age at 55.  Keep in mind that the thing men lie about most on Match is their age and I have met them.  Once they meet me, they are usually honest about it.  Personally, I have never understood until now and I am feeling a little ashamed of my reaction toward them.  No one wants to spend the rest of their life alone and there are just some very hard realities to life.

Please let me know how you feel about this.  I value any input and I am certainly torn about any deception.

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6 thoughts on “AGE

  1. Hi Linda. It’s so wierd. On your last post I commented directly without any trouble. But this one is now asking me for all that information again and I don’t know which password it is asking me for!! For what it’s worth, here’s my comment.

    That post struck me as very sad. That last sentence is so sad. You look AMAZING. The problem with lying is that if something works out, you will eventually have to tell the person the truth and then hope they understand why you lied. You have a very good reason for lying in this situation in my opinion. You look MUCH younger than your years and if a man of 57 types into Match that the “cutoff” is 55 years old, you are right, you don’t even get a chance. I’d say try it and see what happens. It would be really wonderful if that last sentence could be changed. ___________________

    Andrea Thompson 480-223-3228 My Blog:

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  2. First you’re beautifully young! I looked at your photo several time and thought no way she’s lying to be bluntly honest. You look very young. People tend to put too much into associations with age, gender, race, ethnicity and then ask many questions when those ideals don’t fit neatly into our expected boxes. I too look young for my age. I am often mistreated because of it and people expecting me to be very young with a child (who is 9) and my size. While I believe meeting people face to face would benefit you so much more I do think “fibbing” about your she on the mentioned forum isn’t a bad thing. This is because no one would ever meet you and think, “oh she lied”. It’s something that can easily be discussed and understood after the fact. Best wishes to you!!!

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    1. Thank you so much Mandy. I try to be as honest as everyone else in the universe. It is shocking how much my profile has lit up since I changed the age a few hours ago! The weird part is that most of the men who are interested are 60. These same men would not even give me a chance before. You are so right about how people associate things about someone to fit unrealistic expectations. And, I absolutely do try to meet men in-person, prefer it actually. If they met me in person, they would never even ask my age.

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