AGE – Update 1

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This is an update to; AGE.  I was very apprehensive about changing my age on Match.  I do not like deception.  However, I would like to meet someone and have a more fulfilled life.

Well, let me tell you, I am now overwhelmed with men contacting me.  Their ages range from 26-75!  How would I know that men were so age-obsessed?  I am only meeting the ones that I feel are age appropriate for me and I will post as I go.  I have two meetings this weekend and three next weekend!

I have mixed feelings about their reaction to me.  I am using the same photos that I have always used and have not changed my profile in any other way.  Part of me is thrilled at the attention.  Another part of me is sad and a little angry.  These are all the same men, they just didn’t see me as having any value because of my age.  I will chalk it up to everyone wants what they want and move on.

This is funny…

Greg is a man that I have reached out to several times over the year.  He is older than me, stays in shape, and we have many things in common.  It has always been gentle messages like; “I saw you in my daily matches.  Please check out my profile and reach out if you are interested.”  Apparently, he never even looked.  Just deleted my messages.  I reached out to him about three times.

Now that I am 55, I sent the same message.  This man is aggressively pursuing me.  In fact, he was becoming way too familiar with me and I had to remind him that we have not met yet and he needed to drop it down a notch.  He has been messaging me every day for over a week – I was too busy to meet him earlier.  I will be meeting him today.

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