Terry and Greg


I had two meetings this weekend.  Terry was on Saturday and Greg was Sunday afternoon.


 Nothing.  He knew there was no connection just as much as I did.  Nice guy but, NO.



Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!  And I never use that expression!

This is the man who would not respond to me because I was too old for him.   This man was supposed to be a Tri-Athlete.  No, not even close, at least 40 pounds overweight.  He explained to me that he had done Triathlons years ago and now did the relay, mini-version.  He is supposed to do just the swimming portion (2.5 miles) in two weeks.  The other members of his team will do the bike and running portions.  I pray he does not drown.

If that wasn’t enough to disillusion me, within 5 minutes of us meeting, he tells me how bad his credit rating is!  He is working on it because he wants to purchase a house – he has been in the same apartment for over 15 years.

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!

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