The Other Woman


A friend of mine was at the airport recently and this flier was handed to him.  I blocked out the name of the flight attendant. 

Before I start I want to let you know that I have never cheated on anyone that I was in a relationship with.  I have never purposefully gone out with a married man.  I have been lied to by married men and found myself sitting across the table from them.  I have never had any interest in the kind of men who can lie to their partner’s face and cheat.  I want a man of substance.  Both of my ex-husbands cheated on me and I am familiar with the pain of betrayal. 

Back to the flier.  I will never understand why the wife is (or thinks she has the right) to be angry at the other woman.  Your husband cheated on you.  He is a liar and a cheat.  God only knows what he told her to get where he is.  His penis did not accidentally fall in. 

Yes, there are creepy women too.  You are not married to them.  Your husband cheated on you, not the other woman.

not worth the truth

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