“Match.com” Marathon

dishes in laundry

Labor Day weekend. 

I have been inundated with meeting requests on Match, must be the 3-day-weekend.  So, I decided to make it a 4-date marathon; Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

For the most part, they were all kind and I always have a good time meeting new and interesting people.

Friday – Jeff was age-appropriate and really a very nice man, polite and a little nervous.  He listed his height as 5’11”.  I am 5’3” and I was taller than him.  I get that he misrepresented himself because I am doing the same thing about my age.  We laughed and had a nice lunch.  Every human being deserves kindness and respect.

Saturday – Jim was the same thing.  Super nice guy and he was about 5’8” – I am figuring out they all put 5’11” because that must be the cut-off height women use for meeting men.  Again, I get that.  He says he eats a very healthy diet while he tells me how much he loves “Newks”.  Don’t they microwave everything there?  I have never been.  He is painfully thin.  I am not heavy but, he made me feel like a gorilla.  My body would crush him.

Sunday – Rick, extremely nice man.  He drove from Arlington to meet me.  I always feel guilty when I realize they make a trip like that (20-minutes).  He has a thick accent.  I ask if he is Greek.  He is Iranian.  He was so nervous, his eyes starting ticking and twitching – blinking really fast.  I tried to calm him; talking kindly and slowly – it helped.  We ended up having a nice lunch and walking to the Gelato place close by.

Monday – Rob.  First of all, he was inappropriately too young, 47.  He was very persistent.  Red flags started popping up all over the place.  The last straw was the message I got Monday morning; “Horney?”  I replied; “Ouch!  Really?  We have not met yet.”  I gave him about 20 minutes to respond to that.  I am sure he knew he was an idiot but was too immature to fix it.  I don’t know how he would fix that anyway.  I wrote back; “I am cancelling our meeting today.  Good luck in your search.”  What followed was a ridiculous, vile, immature rant which I ignored.  That made him even angrier and he hit me with more nonsense about an hour later.  I hope he is finished venting – I would never engage or respond to anyone who acts irrational.  He does not have any of my personal information.

effing idiot

Things I have learned: 

  1.  In general, most people are really nice and just looking to find someone they click with.
  2. Some people are crazy and that is why it is important to stick with my rule of not giving out my personal information.
  3. This search is tedious and seems never-ending.
  4. I am not sure there is someone out there for me but, I will keep looking. 

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