I had a meeting with a man from recently.  In our messaging, he mentioned that he would be bringing me a “pre-selected gift”.  I told him that I was not sure about the gift thing but, that I would roll with it.  Here is what he ended up giving me.  I opened it, read it, and was confused.  I think it would have been better if he had given me nothing – it was weird.  Was I supposed to say “thank you” for nothing?  Confused.

I think some men read women’s profiles and look at the pictures so many times that they feel they are in a relationship before they even meet you.  They seem to build up this crazy fantasy that you have no wants or needs and that they will just incorporate you into their lives with no regard to first finding out if you fit “together”.

I find it extremely odd.  I wonder if women do that as well.

I never heard from him again after our meeting.  No one can live up to a fantasy.

Here is my fantasy:

ryan foot massage

2 thoughts on “Fantasy

  1. I would have dumped him just on his poor writing skills, although the thought of a card, as mindless as it was, was nice.

    More than likely you are right that he built up something in his head before the meeting. I think everyone does to a certain degree. Downfall of chatting online as to spontaneously meeting in public at random.

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  2. My expectations are just to meet someone interesting and kind. I have never thought that in one meeting you find the perfect person. Maybe I am too realistic.

    Hahaha – yes, the writing skills! He is actually better than most men. For some reason a lot of men on Match put a space before and after a comma. It’s hard to get past that.


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