God is a Couch Potato


I have this old sectional couch.  It was cheap when I purchased it 8 years ago and has been getting worse by the day.  It is cloth and I have kept it covered since I got it.  So, cosmetically it looks good.  There are random small stains where bad things have happened over the years (wine, food, ink).  There is a small hole in the back that no one can see.  The recliner part works great.  The major problems are the cushions that are attached.  They have broken down and the thing is killing my back.

I had been fortunate enough to get some extra work this last month and I have had enough of that couch.  Off to the furniture stores I go.  I went everywhere trying to find a really good deal.  Waiting for the major holidays when they have their sales.  I was so depressed.  Unless I wanted the same cheap, crappy couch I keep buying every few years, I was going to have to invest.

Burned up my credit card and ended up getting what I wanted at “Leather Sofa”.  Six weeks to build and I set up the delivery date.  I also set up the day before for Salvation Army to come to pick up my old sectional.  

Let the high stress begin.

Salvation Army comes when I am at work and will not reschedule for another week.  I live in a small townhouse with a very small living area – two couches are unlivable!  The new couch is being delivered tomorrow.

I put it on my Facebook page to see if anyone wanted it.  One of my friends said she could use it for the kids in their play room and that she would pick it up the next day.  Perfect.  I am messaging her to confirm a time with no more response from her.  I keep messaging her – nothing.  I let her know that I am going to put it on Craig’s List in the morning if I do not hear from her and that it is okay if she no longer wants it just let me know either way.  Nothing.

I put an ad on Craig’s List for “Free Sectional” the morning of the delivery of the new couch.  Within 5 minutes, I get emails like crazy – about 20.  I pick a random number, call,  and set up a pickup time with a woman and she is on her way.

I message my Facebook friend to let her know that I had not heard from her and the sectional was gone.  Apparently, her computer did not post my messages to her.  She was so disappointed.  I felt so bad but it was too late now.

A young woman (Hispanic and pregnant) shows up at my door with her Poppie (Dad) and Mama to pick up the sectional.  This young woman had no means to purchase a couch.  She had been scouring Craig’s List for days looking for something appropriate for her family.

I helped Poppie and Mama load it into their small truck and could not help but think of the events that happened for God to get this sectional to this particular woman on this particular day and time.  I hugged these people good-bye and shook my head at the randomness of this whole thing.  This family is being loved and cared for.  Their love for each other was so thick I could feel it.  Amazing.

God is a Couch Potato and little miracles do happen.


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