Young Stud, Rob – Update

P Charming lost in tree

I am always amazed and amused by men with tremendous boundary issues.  The following happened exactly 2 weeks from the date we were supposed to meet.  I had cancelled due to his inappropriate messages.  Please read: MatchMarathon, he was supposed to be the Monday meeting, this is a follow-up of my interaction with him.  

Yesterday I get the following text from a phone number that is not in my contact list:

Rob:  “Hello Linda”

Me:  “Who is this?”

Rob:  “Rob, the young stud.”  (He is 47)

Me:  “Not placing it?”

Rob:  “Are you on Match?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Rob :  Sends this picture:


Me:  “Did we meet?” (I knew who he was but wanted to see what his responses were going to be.)

Rob:  “No.  We spoke.”

Me:  “Did I give you my number?”  (I have a rule that I do not give out my information until after we meet in person.)

Rob:  “Yes.”

Me:  “LIAR”

Rob:  “Kidding LOL, saw it on your website.”

Me:  “I didn’t give you my website either.”

Rob:  “I was searching another aesthetician and yours came up on Google.  Your number is there.”

Me:  “Ugg – and you think I’m stupid.”

Rob:  “I am serious.”

Me:  “About being outrageously inappropriate – I am seriously not interested.”

Rob:  “Ok, sorry.  No worries.  Good luck.”

I did not reply hoping it will end.  From past experiences, people like this do not stop.  Cra-Cra!

Rob is a Dick

10 thoughts on “Young Stud, Rob – Update

  1. so I have other friends on dating services and I have participated with them as we “” stock” prospective dates as well. Period so I understand that he looked you up on the Internet but then he was not forthcoming, and called himself a stud before he identified himself. People today think that access to all these public records makes it OK to openly pursue it.

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    1. Jo, I have never personally “Stalked” anyone on Match or elsewhere. I worked for a private detective for approximately three years and I am familiar with some of the methods used. I completely understand trying to find out more about someone as you get to know them – to make sure they are legit. There are a lot of predators out there. It just seems like a waste of time before you decide whether or not you will actually go out with them. I do not consider a first meeting with someone as an official “date”.


  2. twere I on Match, i would like up just about everything I could before I met them. right or not…. curiosity always kills this cat.
    I’m agreeing with you! But I’m adding that the ease at which info can be had makes people think it’s ok! But at least you know now. What if he had never contacted you, and sent you a message to meet …. all that time wasted to find out he thinks he’s a young stud. 😦


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