Scott from Michigan


I met Scott from Michigan at Top Golf.  

Top Golf is considered expensive for an initial meeting, especially in the Dallas area.  Normally, it is coffee and I certainly get that.  He had to travel 40 minutes to meet me but wanted to try Top Golf.  He had seen the pictures in my profile and was intrigued by the place.  There is nothing like that in Michigan.  We played for an hour then walked across the street to grab a bite.

His story is pretty cool.  He works for a big manufacturing company in Michigan that has satellite plants across the country.  The one in XXX, Texas was not doing well and he was recruited to fix it.  He was soft-spoken and let me order everything for him, his beer and food.  He just didn’t have the energy to make those trivial decisions. There was a craft beer menu with about 40 beers to choose from.  I think his job is so hard-core he just wanted a break from any decisions at all. 

I did my crazy, healthy ordering – no sauces, potatoes, butter, or oil – just protein and lots of healthy veggies.  He seemed happy with it.  We split a meal because the portion sizes are always too big and if we are still hungry, we can order more.  It was plenty.  I call it grazing and love to eat this way, sharing a meal is always nice.

He pays for everything letting me know that for the next 6 months his company is paying to lease his home here and has given him a huge raise and bonus at the end of the project.  He says during the next 6 months he has to figure out a way to sell his home in Michigan, purchase a home here, and relocate to Texas.  It seems a little overwhelming for him.

The company is leasing his home here with all the furnishings.  They had given him only 2 days to make the move.

I get the sense that something is just not right.  It’s that woman sense.  Something is just a little off and I cannot put my finger on it.  Maybe he has a family back in Michigan? – he says he has never been married.  I don’t know, it’s just a feeling that things are not completely as he is presenting them.  Trust is so important.


4 thoughts on “Scott from Michigan

    1. I know. The more I think about it, the more I think he may be married or in a long-term relationship. He acts like a guy who never makes a decision for himself in his personal life. That usually means a woman takes care of all his needs.


  1. I say… Don’t jump to conclusions yet! Did you like him enough to go out again? If so, go and ask a few open ended questions … Some guys don’t open up well. My hubby always wants me to make the decision of where to eat – he thinks it’s courtesy – I think it’s exhausting!

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    1. Thanks Jo. Personally, I like to order – I can keep it healthy. I am listening to my woman’s intuition. There is something about him I just don’t trust. Maybe there simply is no chemistry.


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