Not a Serial Killer

forward facing

I met a nice man, Rick, about 4 weeks ago.  I do not normally write about the nice men because it isn’t funny or as interesting as the odd men I meet.

This is an unusual man and my feelings are mixed up and jumbled.

We have met about 4 times for meals and to visit where we each live.  It’s an on-line dating thing, seeing for sure that the person is who they say they are is easiest by seeing where and how they live.  You know; not married, not a hoarder, not a serial killer –

We text throughout our day and talk daily on the phone.

Every human has pros and cons toward fitting into your life.  I have also found that things which have been non-negotiable for one person somehow are okay with someone else.  That’s where I am with this whole thing. 

There are some things that I normally would not tolerate.  He has been so kind and respectful of me that I just don’t care.  He has had several opportunities to try to become intimate with me and I know he wants to but, he has been taking the time to get to know me as a person.

And, the chemistry.  There is chemistry, just not the crazy “I want you now” chemistry.  It’s more as if it’s building every time we are together; laughing, talking about our day, having a meal, or watching some nonsense on TV.

It has been so long since a man has been interested in anything other than getting laid, I’m a bit frightened.  I know how to tell a creep to buzz off; I have been doing it for years.

He has barely tried to kiss me.  Small, mildly passionate kisses when we part – just enough to keep himself out of the “friend zone”.  This place is very safe and cozy for me but, I know that will not last.  We will both want more.


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