Rick – San Antonio

I have been dating Rick for 5 months now!  Woo-Hoo!

We decided to do a little weekend get-away with another couple.  I have met Chris and Maryann many times and they are wonderful, genuine, and very down-to-earth – much like Rick.

I had to put Roary (my dog) in boarding.  The place I take her is wonderful but, I still get very nervous about it.  January is my slowest month and I just happened to have an open Saturday, this weekend was perfect timing.

I was looking forward to traveling with Rick.  Travel is a dating milestone.  I spend weekends with Rick anyhow so; it was no big deal.  I love having him around and miss him very much when our “normal” week starts again.

1/22 – Friday.  We dropped Roary off in the morning, swung by his place, and then headed over to Chris and Maryann’s.  They are awesome, ready on-time, and we headed out right away.

Heitmiller Steakhouse

Our first stop was in Waco at Heitmiller Steakhouse.  They are known for their Chicken-Fried Steak.  I got the vegetable soup and it was the best I have ever had, they put ground beef in it.  I am going to try to replicate the recipe.


Back on the road.  I have never been through the Hill Country and it is really pretty.  Tons of rolling hills and lots of deer.

Java Ranch

Next stop Fredericksburg for a cup of coffee at Java Ranch.  What a cool town to roam around in!  I could spend a day there.

Luckenbach post office

We then stopped at Luckenbach, Tx to see what that was all about.  It was about one city block.  I saw a long-horn steer standing there with a saddle on it.  There was a man charging $8 to take a picture with it.  I almost did it until I realized the thing was alive!  It was huge.  Now I wish I had done it, shocked me when it turned its head.  I’m sure it was a sweet, gentle monster.

boat tour  boat 2

We rolled into San Antonio around 8 pm, checked in, and took a boat tour on the river walk.  It was beautiful!

casa rio

We hit our first Mexican restaurant, Casa Rio.  There is nothing like authentic Mexican food, yum.  We stopped by Hard Rock Café too.

Republic of TX

1/23 – The next morning the Hotel Concierge suggested some German restaurant for breakfast.  We walked in and they told us we would have to wait outside!  Rude.  We walked across the street to The Republic of Texas.  Not only was the meal outstanding, they were not crowed, and our service was amazing!  Maryann let the Hotel Concierge how great this place was.  Things happen for a reason and we are a laid-back bunch of travelers so we just rolled with it!

Ripley's bornot rip with giant transformerme and superman

We headed toward the Alamo.  There were a bunch of amusement-type places all around and the line for the Alamo was long.  The guys got us tickets to do every fun place there was!  First, Ripley’s Tomb Rider 3D.  I love 3D stuff.  Then, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure.  Equally as fun and funny!  Ripley’s Wax Museum, Guiness Book of World Records Museum, and Believe It or Not Museum were just fascinating.  I love doing things like this!

rick holding me2

Rick and I in front of the Alamo.  He never lets me take a picture so this was a rare shot of us together.

alamo tree

The Alamo was so interesting.  You think it is going to be this really big place but, it was small.  The history there is crazy.  The courtyard was well-groomed and the trees and plants were just beautiful.

charlie burger

We had just spend hours walking and seeing the sights.  Casual, fun, and we really worked up an appetite.  We stopped at Charlie Wants A Burger for what we thought would be a snack.  Chowed down on some really good hot dogs.  I got a hot dog wrapped in bacon and deep fried – pure heaven!

la fogata    margarita

Back to the room for a quick nap and head out for dinner.  La Fogata – did I mention authentic Mexican food is simply irresistible!  I love tortilla soup.  They also had another soup I had never tried – Caldo Tlalpeño.  It was incredible.  Rick had gotten a sample platter of what looked like everything on the menu.  I was kind enough to help him out with it.  Great restaurant!

1/24 – We did a lazy morning, checked out, and headed home.  Stopped at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast – always great home-cooked food there.  Goodbye Grand Hyatt San Antonio, I had a blast!

view out the window of hotel

View outside our hotel window at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio.

What a fun get-away with great people.  If you have never visited San Antonio, I highly recommend it.

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