Italy – Day 7

  We have a full day ahead. The itinerary starts out at the Naples Archeological Museum, then the City of Pompeii, an inlaid wood factory, and (if we have time) a ceramic factory. The museum has the most extensive collection of sculpture I have ever seen. Enormous pieces that are just incredible.   There is … More Italy – Day 7


Italy – Day 6

Traveling in a foreign country can be unsettling. I do not speak Italian and no one understands a word I am saying. Ha, quickly learned things like Toilette (bathroom) and Basta (stop with the food already!). They feed you until you explode and the food is amazing. Today we say goodbye to our group and … More Italy – Day 6

Italy – Day 5

The last day of a ride on a bike tour is always the most amazing, longest, hardest, and what you have been working for all week. We are going 35 miles to the Southern-most tip of the peninsula of Italy where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet. The elevation guide looks like an erratic heart … More Italy – Day 5

Italy – Day 4

This ride is called “20/20/20”. It is in kilometers so, it is actually 10/10/10. 30 miles total. We did 10mi, stopped by the sea for coffee. 10 more miles and stopped for lunch. 10 more and we are in Otranto. We take a shuttle to where our ride begins in Torre Rinalda. We gear up … More Italy – Day 4

Italy – Day 3

  Today’s ride is a half day, 25-30 miles. It is a beautiful ride that starts by the seashore then goes inland. We have a tail wind so we are really enjoying this ride. We are headed to Massberia Brancati to do a walking tour of one of the oldest olive oil farm and factory. … More Italy – Day 3

Italy – Day 2

  Our bike ride today is approximately 35 miles. We will be traveling to Alberobello and back. Breakfast is amazing at this place!   Fresh fruit, cheese, and pastries to die for.  Seriously, I could eat an entire cherry pie (from Whole Foods) within two days.  I have zero self control when it comes to … More Italy – Day 2

Italy – Day 1

  I woke up in Bari and had breakfast, walked the grounds, and got ready for our shuttle. Jason and Sonja, from Trek Tours, picked us up and we headed over to pick up a great couple, Monet and Bill, whom we became fast friends with. People who do adventure tours like this are usually … More Italy – Day 1

Italy – Flight

    I am on my way to Italy for an adventure tour in the South East heal of the boot on a bike for 6-7 days. This is an amazing tour. Not the run-of-the-mill tourist stuff. Small, beautiful towns by the sea. Fresh food and wonderful wine. The best part is that I will … More Italy – Flight


I am preparing for an adventure bike tour of Italy.  I will be riding the South-Eastern coast (heel of the boot).  The pictures are amazing!  I have been training physically for months now – certainly not as much as I should have.  I do feel strong and confident.  The trip is with Trek Tours and … More ITALY