I am preparing for an adventure bike tour of Italy.  I will be riding the South-Eastern coast (heel of the boot).  The pictures are amazing!  I have been training physically for months now – certainly not as much as I should have.  I do feel strong and confident.  The trip is with Trek Tours and top-notch all the way!  Puglia Italy Bike Tour.


Leaving the country is such an ordeal.  I guess preparing for any trip can be challenging.  I am lucky that Andrea has been to Italy before and we are seeing some unique places.  My Mother was kind enough to donate her air miles so that I was able to fly Business Class both ways – THANK YOU Mom!  That will be a real treat.


I have done two other biking adventure tours similar to this one.  I did Portugal several years and Spain last year.  It is an amazing way to see the country and engage with the people.  Cyclists are treated a bit more gently over there than in the USA.


My stress level is at 10,000 on a scale of 1 – 10!  Leaving my boyfriend, my 13-year-old puppy, my business, my home, and my income is “Cra-Cra”.  It will be amazing and fun but, these people and things will be in the back of my mind every minute of every day I am gone.  Such a push/pull.

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