Italy – Flight

Getting ready for flight – comfy, compression clothing.



Love this baggage!

I am on my way to Italy for an adventure tour in the South East heal of the boot on a bike for 6-7 days. This is an amazing tour. Not the run-of-the-mill tourist stuff. Small, beautiful towns by the sea. Fresh food and wonderful wine. The best part is that I will be working out every day so I can eat and drink everything I want.

I am traveling with my best friend (Andrea) who has been to Italy before. We will be spending 2-3 days after the ride on the Amalfi coast which is supposed to be spectacular. A great end to a wonderful vacation!


Admiral’s Club

The 9-hour flight from Dallas to London would have been absolutely grueling if it wasn’t for the generosity of my Mother who up-graded me with her air miles. I have flown business class one time before over 10 years ago to Portugal. Things have changed! I got to the airport 2 hours early – recommended.

Because I was flying Business Class, I was able to wait for my flight in the Admiral’s Club. They hand you a complimentary drink ticket, you take an elevator up to a private restaurant, bar, and lounge. I grabbed a glass of wine, sat down to enjoy the view and charged my phone. Admiral’s Club is so cool!

An older couple were on their way out and handed me their drink tickets. Of course I could not drink that much and passed the kindness onto some business men – they used the tickets.

Champagne on the plane!
More Swag!
Padded Seatbelt

Then the flight. The seat is huge and has plenty of leg room so that when you lower the seat back you can lay down and sleep! They hand me a complimentary glass of champagne and I start to do an inventory of swag. Bose Noise Cancelling headset, water, personal TV, tooth care kit, refresher kit, compression socks, eye mask, and a fluffy/warm blanket & pillow. The seatbelt was padded – HA!

Warm Nuts
Warm Nuts

They fed me. First was the bowl of warm nuts – why is that so delicious?! The menu was great and I settled on the Teriyaki Chicken dinner. A dessert of fruit, olives, and cheese topped it all off.

Teriyaki Chicken
Dessert, fruit & cheese.


I could have done another 9 hours on this flight but, it was time to tackle London Heathrow airport.

I have heard a lot of nightmare stories about this airport. My boyfriend gave me some tips before I left – he has been there many times. I did everything he said and it all went smooth-sailing. Thank you honey!

Crazy Line

My nightmare was at the airport in Rome.  My British Airways flight had been delayed one hour so I was going to have to crank to meet Andrea and make the connecting flight to Bari.  They put me in a special line to help speed up the process.  There were the cutest nuns in front of me that were in no hurry at all – relying on Devine Intervention works for some.  Hahaha!  I missed my flight and had to take the next one in.

Taxi Driver

My Italian cab driver (Guido) got me to my hotel in Bari after a much too fast ride with him sometimes driving in the middle of the road and coming very close to taking out a scooter.  Nutz!

I finally met up with Andrea and we had a wonderful meal and a glass of wine.  I was exhausted!  Took a much-needed shower, drank a ton of water, and hit the pillow passing out instantly.  Slept like a baby.

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