Italy – Day 1


Villa Romanazzi in Bari, Italy

I woke up in Bari and had breakfast, walked the grounds, and got ready for our shuttle.

Jason and Sonja, from Trek Tours, picked us up and we headed over to pick up a great couple, Monet and Bill, whom we became fast friends with. People who do adventure tours like this are usually fun and go-with-the-flow types.  Adventurers!

I was then whisked off to the most amazing place, Masseria ll Frantoio.  This is an active, centuries-old olive garden. We went on a walking tour with the owner. This place is so beautiful, I cannot describe it in words. Some of the olive vines are over 300 years old.

Alesandro, Jason, & Andreaus

We were taken to an outside courtyard, seated at a table, and proceeded to do an oil testing. This young, Italian man explained the difference between 4 different oils and we were treated to a home-made meal by the owner’s wife. Delicious.

Lasagne, Garlic Fennel Bread, 4 Olive Oil, Taster
Pheasant, Gecko, and Green-eyed Cat on the Grounds
Linda and Andrea Getting Ready To Ride

I was then fitted for my bike, given a safety class, and started our very first ride! 15 miles to get used to the bikes, cruise the coast, and get to know each other.

Rain Comimg – Thank You For The Gear Honey!

The sky was ominous and I was very thankful for the rain gear my boyfriend got. It was warm and kept me dry. Thank you honey! My socks and gloves are awesome too babe! Having the correct gear is very important.

The coast is breath-taking and it feels wonderful to get some exercise.

Enter a captionBiggest Olives I Have Ever Seen & Other Things

We got to our first hotel, Masseria Torre Coccaro, where we will be staying 2 nights. This is an amazing Italian villa and our room is absolutely beautiful. We have wine and appetizers under a gazebo before moving inside to the award-winning restaurant for our dinner. I had prawns with crispy artichokes. Best seafood I have ever had! Dessert was out of this world. Everything is hand-cooked/baked here on site.

I get back to the room, hit the pillows, and fall fast asleep!

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  1. Linda your pictures are fabulous, I’m thrilled to see you on this great adventure! Looking forward to more posts…have an amazing time love!

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