Italy – Day 2



Our bike ride today is approximately 35 miles. We will be traveling to Alberobello and back.


Breakfast is amazing at this place!   Fresh fruit, cheese, and pastries to die for.  Seriously, I could eat an entire cherry pie (from Whole Foods) within two days.  I have zero self control when it comes to cherry pastries.


Monique has one of those new E-Bikes. They are so cool!  They are not doing all the work but, when you need it, they make your life a lot easier. I live in Dallas, Texas so where am I supposed to train for mountain inclines? The caveat; they also engage when you are going downhill. You can turn it off at any time.

We start our ride and it begins to get very cold, very fast. The clouds are rolling in and within 1.5 hours the streets were getting wet and slick. I am a fair-weather rider, I only like to ride if it’s fun. Traffic, slick roads, and cold are not my idea of a fun ride.

We get about ¾ up and have to bail. Well, the chicks did. The guy kept going and cranked up to the top very quickly! They are so strong.


We have lunch at an amazing place that has all organic, fresh food prepared to order.  One of the chefs goes outside to the garden to cut fresh herbs.  It is amazing and again, so much more food than we can possibly eat!


The town of Alberobello is stunning. The architecture is just incredibLe. Every building has a domed roof that was built by hand. We ate lunch at a place that has it’s own garden with a huge bounty of fresh vegetables. In Italy, they will bring you food until you burst! The bad part is how hard it is to tell them to stop.


We then take a walking tour of this beautiful city. Trulli is an architectural style. The roofs are domed with thin slate slabs and no mortar. The history is that the king at the time would not allow any new finished buildings so, them didn’t make them permanent. Of course, centuries later – here they are!

It started to get even colder, windier, and the rain was coming again. The girls decided to take the van home. The guys did the ride. Jason and Sonja are our guides. Jason, Sonja’s fiancé, went down the mountain with Bill, Monet’s husband. These two guys are extremely strong and tenacious!


We came back, relaxed for a few hours and got ready for pizza night! Are you kidding me? Pizza night with our own pizza chef in a stone oven – uh, yes! We had about 6 different pizzas, salads, and vegetables. Even dessert, chocolate and vanilla. How can I possibly eat this much?

Exhausted and full – good night!

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