Italy – Day 3


Today’s ride is a half day, 25-30 miles. It is a beautiful ride that starts by the seashore then goes inland. We have a tail wind so we are really enjoying this ride.

We are headed to Massberia Brancati to do a walking tour of one of the oldest olive oil farm and factory. Everything is going smoothly and we are cruising along when I feel a bump on my back tire and a big bang.


Andrea had hit my tire, couldn’t unclip fast enough, and fell right into a brick wall. Oh my gosh, she is scratched, road-rashed, and bruised. Sonja calls Jason and the van is there lightening fast. They get out the emergency kit and start patching her up. Her helmet hit the wall, which means that it is trash now. Once a helmet is compromised by an impact, it is rendered unsafe. Her brains are fine!


She is a little shaken up and gets in the van to Masseria Brancati. She takes the walking tour and decides to do the rest of the ride! Strong.



We ride the rest of the way to the city of Ostuni, the “white city”. We are staying at La Sommita. It is a renovated 15th century palace. While having some of the most spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea, La Sommita is also known for their unique and transformational style cuisine which has awarded them a coveted “Michelin” star.


We have a wine tasting and enjoy one of the most amazing meals I have ever had. Exhausted and full I go to bed.

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