Italy – Day 4

This ride is called “20/20/20”. It is in kilometers so, it is actually 10/10/10. 30 miles total. We did 10mi, stopped by the sea for coffee. 10 more miles and stopped for lunch. 10 more and we are in Otranto.


We take a shuttle to where our ride begins in Torre Rinalda. We gear up and head out for the 1st section of our ride.

We do a smooth 10 miles through the beautiful countryside. When we hit the coast, we hit a bit of a headwind. Great time to stop for a cup of coffee!

I am in the pink jacket!


Our 2nd section of ride is really pretty. Part is through a nature preserve and a really beautiful part is a coastal park. What a view!

Monet decides to take the van back to the hotel for the last 10 miles and offers to let Andrea and I try the E-Bike! I get on first. It is so much fun. It only engages when you peddle and gives you a little boost that make the last section of this ride a breeze until I have to relinquish it to Andrea. It is very cool and would make a bike tour like this very pleasant. Your legs are still moving just as much, there is just less drag when you have a head wind. I like it but I am sure avid riders will not be enthused by it.


We reach Otranto and do a lovely walking tour. Beautiful fishing port! We are staying here two nights. One of the caveats of a traveling tour like this is that you are living out of a suitcase. It is hard to pack and unpack all the time.

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