Italy – Day 6

Traveling in a foreign country can be unsettling. I do not speak Italian and no one understands a word I am saying. Ha, quickly learned things like Toilette (bathroom) and Basta (stop with the food already!). They feed you until you explode and the food is amazing.

Today we say goodbye to our group and venture out on our own. Andrea is a great planner! She has a tabbed binder with maps, numbers, and many cool sight-seeing options. It’s like traveling with a travel guide and she wants to see it all in one day.


Sonja and Jason drop us off at a Hertz where we somehow manage to rent a car. Hertz does not have a Garmin we can rent so, I purchase one at a close-by electronics store. It is good for all of Europe, $45, and makes our life a lot easier.

We proceed to   Scavi Archeologici Di Paestum, ancient ruins which takes us about 3 hours to get to.  We stop off at a gas station for a bite to eat. We hit the jack-pot! Home-made Italian deli case – it was crazy good food. The bread was hand-baked.


The ruins were amazing! So beautiful and tons of history. Best part, I get a wifi signal and get to text my boyfriend. It feels so good to keep in touch when you are so far apart. Very calming and reassuring.

Now we must return the rental car. Just topping off the tank was crazy. What type of gas and a weird way to pay. Luckily, Italian people are so kind and helpful. A man working there comes over and walks us through the whole thing.


We are heading to the Amalfi coast. The roads are ancient, narrow, and extremely dangerous for a novice. We have arranged for a driver to pick us up and take us to our hotel. The drive has a stunning view. We would have never been able to drive it. It took a minute to get used to the break-neck speed, how very close the cars get to each other, and the laissez-faire attitude of our driver. There was more than one occasion we thought we were going to die.

We started this adventure at 6 am and arrived at the hotel around 8 pm. The car cannot take us to our hotel, no roads. There are valets who bring our luggage and arrive about the time we hit the lobby. The walkways are cobblestone and covered in shops, restaurants, and bakeries. Tons of people everywhere.


We eat and crash for the evening. I cannot wait to wake up to an ocean view!

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