Italy – Day 7

Hercules.  Notice the photo-bombers.


We have a full day ahead. The itinerary starts out at the Naples Archeological Museum, then the City of Pompeii, an inlaid wood factory, and (if we have time) a ceramic factory.

The museum has the most extensive collection of sculpture I have ever seen. Enormous pieces that are just incredible.


There is a strange mix of new with the old. Whimsical! We spend a few hours here and head for the Pompeii ruins.

We get a bite to eat at a place right out the entrance. Again, the food is great and everything is fresh and hand-made. The drink is really good; it is a mixture of lemonade and orange juice – simple, fresh, and delicious!

Resting for a minute.


The art at the Pompeii ruins is just so cool! You could spend days investigating this city. I wish we had more time. We didn’t have time to get a guide but, it was fun just walking the grounds and seeing everything.

We stopped at an inlaid wood factory. All of the workers were gone for the day but, we got to see how things were being done and some of the amazing furniture. We also buzzed through a ceramic factory.


YAY! Time for dinner. We went to Mediterranio – outstanding. The rain begins but, it is a light mist and we make it back to the hotel without any issues. Going to sleep like a baby!

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