Italy – Day 8

WOWZA, today is Linda’s choice! I opt to sleep in, casually eat, and window shop Polenza. Absolutely beautiful city!


We woke up to rain so, sleeping in was super easy. This city is so amazing. Homes and businesses are built right into a steep incline of a mountain side. The entire Amalfi coast is like this. We have a spectacular view of the ocean from our room.

I miss my boyfriend, it would have been so romantic to cuddle in with him….my heart is getting terribly homesick.

We hear the rain subsiding to a soft drizzle and start to get ready for the day.

Andrea hands me a lovely list of restaurant lunch options. I choose one called “The Three Sisters”. It turns out to be above and beyond our expectations.


The waiter is adorable and falls in love with Andrea with her crystal blue eyes and wavy dark hair. It is super cute to watch.


Side Note: Last night when we were on the bus going to dinner, the man in front of me opens a bag of chips. He offers some to a friend of his then, to me. I am a sucker for potato chips and Andrea laughs all night about this hilarious interlude – it was funny!

Our table looks out onto the ocean and there is a man clearly looking at me. I nudge Andrea and ask if that is “Potato Chip Man”. Yes, it is and we all laugh. He is an artist by the seashore with an easel and paintings. Of course, I purchase a small piece.

So, great start to the day! Excellent restaurant, Andrea got flirted with, and I found some art. We head out to see the shops.


Taking the little inter-city bus is really fun because it goes in a loop up and an extremely narrow, winding street. The streets were built centuries ago and there is no way to update them for the traffic they must hold. They have started digging tunnels; it is a slow, arduous task. The traffic is mind-boggling. The work-around is to have drivers, very small cars, and lots of mopeds.

The drivers are phenomenally skilled! Anyone driving with them would be scared to death. I, however, sit in the middle of the back seat and watch the show. These guys are terrific drivers, weaving gracefully between on-coming traffic and the edge of the mountain side. There are even some brave cyclists who somehow manage to squeeze out enough room for their bodies. Terrifying.

American Potato Chips Are A Thing Here!

We see the whole city and head back to the room to get ready for dinner. It’s our last night, so we enjoy our complimentary glass of wine on the outdoor patio of the hotel.


We walk up to the restaurant, good little hike to help burn off the calories we are about to ingest. Again, another amazing meal. Everything fresh and organic. I am going to miss the incredible food, kind people, and the history

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