Jason and Sonja

Okay, so we have had constant care from Jason and Sonja, our Trek guides. They have tended to our needs every minute of every day and it has been wonderful.

We have a night where we get to venture out on our own, explore the city, and have dinner without the group in the coastal city of Otronto. There is not a lot going on in the city because it is off-season, so what could possibly happen?

We got our room and it was a little odd because it was two small beds pushed together. Most of our accommodations have been separate beds or at least a king-sized bed. Two hotels had separate rooms for us, which was ideal.

imageWe meet everyone after check in and Monet comments on how odd it is that they have two rooms. In my “out loud” voice I say; “Oh, they must have gotten the rooms mixed up because we have one bed.”

Monet and Bill graciously offer to switch rooms after we eat. That is a big hassle but we are there for two nights, so we agree.


After our walking tour of the city, we talk to the front desk and they say it was not a mistake and put the skids on the whole room-switch thing. Okay, no biggie.

We are at dinner and Monet and Bill show up and say they are changing rooms with us anyhow. We are waiting and waiting for our bill at the restaurant. Apparently, the waiter has a habit of slipping the bill under the tablecloth while you are not looking. As Bill and Monet are leaving, they show me where it is and I pay. They think I am a rude American anyhow because I have no grasp of Italian. I do know a little Spanish – not the same.


Andrea mentions that she wants Tiramisu. I tell her we just do not have the time. Monet and Bill are moving all their things for us and it would be rude, she is not a happy little girl. I tell her that we can go out again later for the pastry. Loves her Tiramisu! I get that and we are in Italy. She had not finished her wine so, Andrea corks it and I slip it in my backpack. I pay and we go to hotel.

In the hotel lobby they tell us our room is ready and we proceed to move in. They show us the room. YAY, two bedrooms! When the clerk shows me the second bedroom she asks; “Do you get up early?” I do and said yes.

I throw my backpack on the bed and check out the bathroom. There is no enclosed shower in the bathroom. Weird, if you try to take a shower, water will obviously go everywhere. Bathrooms in Europe are a whole other story anyhow. I do not care anymore. I just want to sleep.

Favorite Boots – Anybody Know How To Get Wine Stain Out Of Suede?

I go back into the bedroom, the wine had opened and was quickly going all over the bedding. I grabbed everything and ran for the bathroom. Andrea cleaned out my backpack while I striped the bed. It got into the mattress! Jeeze! Okay, so I am going to have to go to the front desk and let them what happened so that I can get fresh linens.

When I arrive downstairs Sonja and Jason are there. Uggg. I try to stall at the desk hoping that somehow I do not have to tell this crazy story to them. No go.

In my soft little voice I tell them that all four of us have changed rooms, wine was spilled, and we needed housekeeping fast. As the story unfolds, their eyes are getting bigger and they are rendered speechless. The look on their faces says it all, “We left four adults alone for a total of two hours?!?!?!” did not have to be said out loud.

I go upstairs, housekeeping changes the sheets and flips the mattress for me. I am so ready to go to sleep. Andrea still wants her Tiramisu. We go out again and try to wrangle it up. Everything was closed, we walked around for about an hour. The pizza place was open but, they hate me after the check thingy. I finally convince her it is time to call it a day.

Andrea needs hot water for a medication she is taking and I find someone in the hotel kitchen to help me with that. I ask if there is any Tiramisu. No, but he will find something for us and bring it up with the hot water. Several hard, dunking cookies are a sad excuse for Tiramisu, sad face.

The next morning at 5 am, right outside my window, the staff starts to prep for breakfast! Uh, yeah, I get up early now! That’s why they asked if I got up early!

At breakfast Bill and Monet tell us that the people above them were running from room-to-room all night. I mention that was us and we all have a great laugh as I told them about the wine. They are a great couple – roll with the tide adventurers!

Obvious Home-Made Tiramisu for Andrea

When we went to breakfast the second morning, there was some home-made Tiramisu for Andrea. These people are so nice. They have done everything to make our stay as pleasant as possible.

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12 thoughts on “Tiramisu

  1. You are out there! And you should write a Bill Bryson type book! It would sell out as you couldn’t make it up. You could call it “what’s the worse that could happen?” Vic. Xx


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