My Boyfriend Bought An RV

The RV!

What!?!?!?  My boyfriend just bought an RV.  He had been slowly warming me up to the idea of camping – or “Glamping” is what he calls it.  The only times I have been camping (2), were awful.  I was with people who did not know what they were doing and I felt unsafe and just wanted to go home.

This is funny.  About two weeks after we had met, maybe two dates in, he asked me to go tent camping. Yeah, right!  I barely know you and I’m going to go out in the backwoods with you for a weekend and sleep on the ground?  Serial killer.

He took me with him to an RV show several months ago.  It was cool, the RVs were like rolling apartments. Some were crazy extravagant, several levels and “bump outs”!  A bump out is a section that literally moves out to give more room inside.  Amazing!  He said he was going to purchase one and we were going to travel to state parks, Route 66, and all kinds of places that I would actually love to see.  Chipping away slowly at my fear and anxiety.

Actually, I would go anywhere with him. He is an ex-marine and an ex-cop. Only someone very stupid would mess with him.  He keeps me safe and warm.

So, he takes me to an RV sales place, asks me what I think of several of them, and then actually purchases an RV!  It’s inevitable – I will be going Glamping…..

Yes, it has a bump out!


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