Trek Travel

Sonja and Jason with Trek van

Gosh, what can I say?  How do you thank someone for an adventure of a lifetime?


First of all, look at these two!  They look like they were photo-shopped from some perfect specimen magazine.  When you get past the visual eye-candy, you find out just how great they are!  No question, request, or task was ever left unanswered.  Every need was taken care of immediately.  No one ever asked to do something different than what was planned for us because everything they planned was amazing.  It was always comfortable, exciting, and fun while our safety was top priority.

I met some incredible people who I would gladly travel again with!

Would I recommend Trek Travel?  Would I do another trip with them?  Oh, YES!


I will dream of Italy for a very long time…..


Thank you Sonja and Jason for the time of my life!

ItalyItaly-FlightItaly-Day 1, Italy-Day 2, Italy-Day 3, Italy-Day 4, Italy-Day 5, Italy-Day 6, Italy-Day 7, Italy-Day 8, Tiramisu

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