Glamping – Glamor Camping, camping in an RV (Recreational Vehicle) with your personal shower, bath, kitchen, bed, grill, TV, and all the other amenities of home.

My boyfriend bought an RV because he loves camping and knows that his foo-foo girlfriend would end up crying if he tried to get her to spend the night in a tent on the ground.  He is so smart!

I had to work Saturday.  He went ahead to set up the new RV on Friday.  I spent the second half of Saturday and Sunday morning with him in the RV.  It was a test run to see if everything was working and running smoothly.


He sent me this picture when everything was set up. 


I grabbed Roary and set out on the road.  We went to Cooper Lake State Park.  It is a small lake and campground.  You have to book reservations for an RV hook-up site.

His best friends Chris, Maryann, and Emily (daughter) also purchased an RV at the same time.  We will all be traveling together this summer.  RVs are cool because it is like a rolling apartment.  You can spend time with your friends or get some alone time in your own area.

When I got there, I was ready for a little exercise.  I had worked all morning and sitting in a car driving for 1-½ hours makes me a little stir crazy.  Rick and Chris work physically hard all week and need chill-out time bad.  Maryann and Emily were up for a nature walk – great! 


I brought Roary who made it about 1/3 the way.  I carried her the rest of the way, she only weighs 9 lbs, the fresh air and exercise are so good for her.

We all relaxed, ate, and sat by the fire a bit.  Then, we went fishing!  Rick pinched the barb on the hook for me.  If I caught anything, I knew I would be throwing it back in and I didn’t want to damage the fish’s mouth.  He thinks I am crazy – 

We didn’t catch anything.  We did get a spectacular view of the moon rising on the horizon!

We all spend a little more time around the fire pit and call it a night. 

Back in the RV to test out a shower (sorry, no pics).  All goes smoothly and we snuggle in bed for a great night’s sleep.  It must be all the fresh air because I slept like a baby. 


Sunday morning is crazy.  We have breakfast, pack up the RV, and hit the road for home.  One night is not enough….

Roary – all curled-up in her car seat on the way home.

My Boyfriend Bought an RV

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