COLORADO – Day 1 (8/11/16)

I have never officially been camping with someone who knew what they were doing. Keep in mind that Rick (my boyfriend) had asked me to go camping after only 2 dates. I responded with; I will not be going out in the woods alone with you, serial killer. And, I do not do tents and sleeping bags.

So, he bought an RV! This is called “Glamping”! We did an overnight in it right after he purchased it to make sure everything worked. It was fun but, nothing like spending 10 days traveling in it. I do get to bring Roary and she is having a great time.

We left Dallas on the hottest day of summer 104*! The first few hours were flat and hot. We are stopping at a KOA in Amarillo the first night, about 5 hours from Dallas. We went through so many cool, small towns.

As we started getting closer to Amarillo, the sky filled with clouds and we could see the rain in the distance. It was beautiful and fierce! Let me just say that rain and any kind of camping does not go together. The temperature dropped to 69* very quickly. We got to the KOA and had to set up in the rain. Rick did everything because I have no idea how to do anything and he just needed me to stay out of his way. I tended to Roary and we got all settled in.

That night we took a Longhorn Shuttle to The Big Texan Restaurant. This place is hilarious! Chris was so excited to show me all the touristy attractions. I love this and will participate in all things silly, always. This place is known for a steak contest. You can get a 72 ounce steak free if you can eat the whole thing with baked potato, 3 fried shrimp, salad, and a roll. No one in my group was up for that but, there were two men on stage going for it.

We are traveling with Chris, Maryann, and sweet Emily (Chris’ daughter). They are so fun, laid back, and adventurous – good people make a great trip.

I could not wait to get back to the RV for a shower and sleep. It rained on us that night but we woke up to a beautiful, sunny morning. Having a great time with my guy.

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