This game involves a ball, it’s not even round!?!?!?  Apparently, it is a big deal on how much air is in this ball. 

A bunch of super cute guys in tight pants, upper body armor, and cool helmets – really strong too, with lots of bulgy muscles – fight fiercely for this ball.  They kick and throw the oval ball up and down a long field, even in rain and snow, toward some big sticks at each end of the field.


There are all kinds of confusing rules about touching, holding, and stepping in the wrong spot.  They have guys in stripped outfits with flags that decide who is being bad. I think the letters signify their names, not sure.

There are also a bunch of scantily-clad women who wiggle around periodically.

This game is played for many months, mostly on Sunday but, I think it goes on during the week too.  I know this because my boyfriend disappears to sit on a couch at a friend’s house to watch “the game”.  He says he needs to concentrate on “the game” and I distract him with talking, walking, and pretty much just being alive.

For some reason, it is mandatory to eat bar-b-que, hot dogs, assorted chips, and other crappy foods while watching “the game”.

Last year’s logo.

There is a big game at the end of the season, Super Bowl.  I attend this game and I do watch the commercials.  People yell and get super excited during this game – it is fun to watch them.  It is really funny when they get mad and use terms like “us” and “we” as if they are physically in the game while sitting on a couch.

This year my boyfriend is taking me to something called a pre-season game (thank you Chris).  I am so excited!  I have never seen AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys) and I have heard the art collection is amazing.

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