COLORADO – Day 3 & 4, 8/13 & 8/14/16


This is what we woke up to.  In an RV Park with cool campers all around us, quiet as can be, and higher than the clouds.  There are no words to describe how beautiful it is!!!

Chris and Rick – brothers from another mother could not be truer.  Sometimes they even show up wearing the same clothes.  Chris is a great cook and makes most of our meals.  There is nothing like fresh food at an outdoor campsite.  It all just tastes so amazing.  If I wasn’t so obsessed with watching my intake, I would have just kept eating until all the food was gone.  Breakfast is always the best – eggs and sausage in the morning! 

We head out again to Glenwood Springs Resort.  We just keep getting closer to the mountains and it is so exciting.  The drive is just beautiful.  It’s going to be a shorter drive today. 

We go up through the Continental Divide where the Altitude is over 12,000 feet.  Altitude really affects the body.  Roary started panting at 9,000 and I gave her tons of water and air.  Just breathtaking.

Me, Roary, Emmily, Maryann, and Abby

When we arrive, the three girls go for a hike.  So fun!  Emmily is on the Special Olympics Swim Team.  She is so strong it is inspirational.  Roary and Abby get to go.  Roary got hot so, I dunked her into the Colorado River.  She loved it and was ready to run after she got wet.  She is in her visor.  Maryann has Abby in tow.  Both dogs had just as much fun as we did.

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