COLORADO – Day 6 (8/16/16)

my love

We have an exciting day ahead!  We are going on a Zip-Line Confidence Course.  We zip line across the Colorado River, walk a hanging bridge, and then zip line back.  I have never done this before and I am so excited to try.

This was so much fun!  It was so pretty and felt so nice to physically sail over the Colorado River and back.  Beautiful mountains surround us and the peacefulness of the river and nature – quiet calm.

Next on the agenda:  Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  Elevation; 7,160 feet.

We take a gondola ride up to the top of a mountain to an amazing amusement park. 

We ride this swing that throws you off into the abyss of the gorge.  VIDEO of Rick and I on this swing!  It throws you out into the canyon.  It is absolutely beautiful, scary, and exciting! 

There were several other rides we went on and then caverns that we walked down into.  What a cool place, so many different things to do.

Banker and his saloon girl!

Yes, we took one of those Photo Shoots!  Love this guy.

As we were finishing up, bad weather started moving in and they close the gondolas.  There are about 200 people trapped on the top of the mountain. 

They have one bus and slowly but surely transport us down.  We stop for pizza and head back to the RV.  I sleep like a baby!

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