COLORADO – Day 9 (8/19/16)


water fountain

We are driving from Durango to Taos to Las Vegas, NM today.

roary, rick, & me


I have always wanted to go to Taos.  So many of my friends and clients have told me how great it is.  Lots of artists and cool art!  Rick has been there before and he is so excited to show me all the cool things.  

Well, it has become very commercialized.  Most of the shops are all manufactured art now.  The artists have formed co-ops where there are several in one shop with a manager to sell and show their items.  I liked it, Rick was very disappointed.  After doing a short tour of the town and having lunch, we hit the road and headed for Las Vegas, NM where we spent the evening.

Crazy road signs – we saw a lot of them!

I guess this means cow and here is a cow!

Stops along the way  with beautiful vistas and the guys being silly.

Roary exhausted

Roary is safe and warm in her car seat.  I think she is starting to dream about her own bed and getting a little home sick.

c rv mount

Off we head for our next destination!

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