This story was relayed to me recently and I had to share. 


Jane – girl meets guy

Bob – guy meets girl

Sue – friend of Jane

Bill – friend of Bob (former friend)

Back story:  Jane and Sue had met Bob several years ago.  They became “Friends” on Facebook.  Bill and Bob had been casual friends for several years.  Jane and Sue live in Dallas.  Bob and Bill live in California.  Sue has a cabin in California.

Bob and Jane started to message back and forth, then phone calls.  Bob and Jane are feeling a connection.  Love is in the air.  Bob and Jane spend the next year trying to get together but it just hasn’t worked out.

Sue invites Jane to her cabin for a ski trip.  Bob and Jane can finally get to know each other better in a one-on-one atmosphere!  Woo-Hoo!

Bob offers to take Jane and Sue to dinner.  Ten minutes before the date Jane and Sue get a call from Bill.

Bill relays this story:  I just spent the day skiing with Bob.  He had gotten a new, very expensive pair of ski boots that were so painful Bob could hardly ski.  Bob is a ski instructor – this made him very angry.  Bob ran into and hit Bill several times on the slope.  Again, Bob is a ski instructor?  Bill thinks Bob ran into him on purpose.  After skiing several hours they headed to Bob’s truck.  Bob decides that the person who parked next to him, parked much too close.  Bob proceeds to vandalize this car with his new ski boots.  Bill said, “Bob just beat the shit out of that car with his boots!”   


Bill was just warning Jane and Sue and let them know that he would not be friends with Bob anymore!

Jane and Sue are a bit stunned.  They feel it is too late to cancel, not to mention how excited Jane was to see Bob.  The girls tried to get Bob to talk about the incident at dinner by mentioning “road rage” stories.  [Crickets….]

The card below may have been a better option for Bob.  Dating is hard.


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