Last night I watched “Pete’s Dragon” on Netflix.  It’s the one with Robert Redford.  Still such a beautiful man, it must be his kind eyes and gentle tone of voice.  I read somewhere that he refused to succumb to any plastic surgery.  He is aging like a normal human being.  It is beautiful, he is beautiful.

The movie was predictable, the acting mediocre, and the dragon consisted of second-rate graphics.  I cried like a baby.  The dragon resembled a puppy.  These movies always show a dark side of human nature where animals get hurt, so I cry.  It doesn’t take much –

It made me think of a friend of mine who loves animals.  He lives next to a stream filled with all kinds of animals.  Some do destructive things to his property and he must deal with their shenanigans while trying to cohabitate with them peacefully.

He came home one night last week and a bobcat (or something) had killed a bunny on his back porch.  We were talking on the phone at the time and upon further inspection he realized the little body was still alive.  There was no way this bunny was going to live through the trauma it endured.  He had only one choice.  We hung up and he humanly & humanely took care of the poor little thing.

I thought about my friend while watching the movie and how, as a human, he had to make this decision to stop the suffering.  I also thought about it as we walked an art fest yesterday and I kept pointing out all the cute bunny art.

He saved that little bunny from suffering and now I love bunnies more than ever.  And him.  Some people are very good human beings even when it’s hard and painful.


He sent me the following photo of the suffering bunny.  I asked him not to.  I think he sent it to make sure I knew he had to do what he had to do.  No animal should suffer.  I am including it because it is a reality of life….sad.


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