Proud American


I am a proud American.  I am saddened by the images of our president beheaded.  It is so disrespectful to our country and what we stand for. 

Some people are saying; “The people complaining the most about Kathy Griffin were the ones fine and dandy with the Obama effigies.”  This is Not true.  It is never okay!

I am saddened by the hatred of our president – any president.  I wonder what people from other countries think of us.  How pleased groups like ISIS must be that we are so weak and divided.  How vulnerable it makes us.

My father taught me that you win and lose in this world.  I have voted many times and my choices lost.  He taught me that is a part of life and even if my choice did not win, the choice is made and I must accept it and embrace it with the rest of my country.  Never disrespect our president. 

We need to be one whole nation to be strong, prosperous, and fight the evil terrorists that are killing the innocents in this world.

I just wish it would stop.


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